I have a combo box in a datagridview being filled from a DataSet Table, and the value member is just returning "SmashRosterID" to the database which is the column name. How can I get it to actually select the ID value?

Here is the code for the column being added and the data for the ComboBox being filled:

rosterDataAdapter = new SQLiteDataAdapter(
  @"SELECT SmashRosterID,CharacterName FROM SmashRoster", cnn);

rosterNames = new DataSet();


championTest = new DataGridViewComboBoxColumn();
championTest.Name = "ChampionTest";
championTest.DataSource = rosterNames.Tables[0];
championTest.ValueMember = "SmashRosterID"; //doesn't work
championTest.DisplayMember = "CharacterName"; //works

And here is the update statement I'm using to write back to the database:

allTournamentDataAadapter.UpdateCommand = new SQLiteCommand(
  "UPDATE SmashTournaments SET TournamentName = @TournamentName, Champion = @Champion," +
  "RunnerUp = (SELECT R2.SmashRosterID FROM SmashRoster R2 WHERE CharacterName = @RunnerUp) WHERE TournamentID = @TournamentID", cnn);

  "@Champion", championTest.ValueMember);


The rest of the parameters are currently working so I omitted them from the code to make it easier to see where the issue lies. This is whats being written back to the DB:

enter image description here

EDIT: I have now changed the parameter statement to:

   "@Champion", DbType.Int64, 3, "ChampionTest");

I have changed it to this because i learned that I actually need to pull the CellValue, because DataGridViewComboBoxColumn's do not have a SelectedValue or anything similar, rather when an item is chosen from the ComboBox the CellValue is changed with the ValueMember. However, this still doesn't work. This just doesn't update the column now. The ValueMember may not be set correctly..Not sure.

I have experimented with tournamentsGridView.CurrentRow.Cells["ChampionTest"].Value but i still have no luck. Please advise.

EDIT 2: MessageBox.Show(tournamentsGridView.CurrentRow.Cells["ChampionTest"].Value.ToString()); DOES show the correct ID. So the value is being selected. Just not written properly, I think. Also, MessageBox.Show(tournamentsGridView.CurrentRow.Cells["ChampionTest"].ValueType.ToString()); Shows that the value is an Int64.

  • You should have something like this: allTournamentDataAadapter.UpdateCommand.Parameters.Add("@Champion", DbType.Int64).Value = Convert.ToInt64(tournamentsGridView.CurrentRow.Cells["ChampionTest"].Value);. But, since your DGV is probably bound to a DataTable, updated it using the connected DataAdapter. – Jimi Nov 9 at 13:52

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