How can I test/assert that a variable type is not "any" in Typescript?

I do not need a runtime check, it would be enough if the compiler gets an error to detect this:

function notAny(x: (rejects type any)) { ...}
let foo: any = 'value'

// tsc should throw an error here

The solution should be for only one check, not the whole project (like using --noImplicitAny)


The code below should work. The basic idea is that any is the only type that at the same time is the base type for unknown and the {} bottom (empty) type.

type IsAny<T> =
  unknown extends T ? T extends {} ? T : never : never;

type NotAny<T> =
  T extends IsAny<T> ? never : T;

function notAny<T>(x: NotAny<T>) { }
let foo: any = 'value'

notAny(foo); // error as expected

Typescript Playground Link

  • {} isn't a bottom type; it's closer to a top type (and was the unofficial top type in TS before unknown was introduced). Maybe you mean that any is the only type which is treated as both a top type (T extends any is true for all T) and a bottom type (any extends T is true for all T)? – jcalz Nov 9 at 16:35

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