with open(filename, 'r') as infile:
    reader = csv.DictReader(infile)
    data = {}
    for row in reader:
        for header, value in row.items():
            except KeyError:
                data[header] = [value]

    outcomes = data['outcome']
    statquo = data['status quo']
    expans = data['expansion']
    build = data['building']
    connect = data['connecting']

I have a csv with 3 rows, first one is headers, and the other 2 are values asociated to that header, but for some reason i'm getting this error at the statquo.

File "C:\Users\56668\Documents\Decisionmaking\assignment1.py", line 26, in csv_reader statquo = data['status quo'] KeyError: 'status quo'

I tried changing the name of the column, but the error keep showing

  • If you print data, what are the keys? Is there any trailing or leading whitespace? – snakecharmerb Nov 9 at 11:17
  • In general it is best to use dict.update method for dictionary manipulations. It works in form of d.update({key:value}) and it assigns and changes keys depending on the key and value. This way you presume that value stored in header is constant and it can't be. – Danilo Nov 9 at 11:18
  • @Danilo: Using dict.update to set individual dict entries is pointlessly inefficient and awkward. It offers no benefits over direct d[k] = v assignment. – user2357112 Nov 9 at 11:21
  • 4
    Show some sample data that reproduces the error with your code. This code works with the data I generated based on your description. – Mark Tolonen Nov 9 at 11:34
  • 1
    @Danilo the datastructure the P needs here is a collections.defaultdict(list) – snakecharmerb Nov 9 at 12:07

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