The program just remove characters from the first word and not from all sentence. How can I fix it? I need remove all characters from the sentence and not only the first world. Thanks.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <algorithm>

int main()
    std::string s;
    char c;

    std::cout << "Enter the string : ";
    std::cin >> s;
    std::cout << "\nEnter the character : ";
    std::cin >> c;
    /* Removing character c from s */
    s.erase(std::remove(s.begin(), s.end(), c), s.end());
    std::cout << "\nString after removing the character "
              << c << " : " << s;

you don't read the whole sentence. You can use getline:

std::cout << "Enter the string : ";
std::getline(std::cin, s);

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