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I have successfully updated my records using PDO. I would love to redirect to a different page.

$data = [
'data1' => $pick,
'data2' => $pick2,
$sql = "UPDATE table1 SET col1=:data1 WHERE col2=:data2";
$stmt= $mysqli->prepare($sql);
$result= $stmt->fetchAll();

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    Thanks :) So, what isn't working the way you would like it to? Does it redirect to any of those? You also need to add exit; after each header. If none of those worked, then I suspect you may be outputting before header. Enable error reporting then tell us if you get errors back. – Funk Forty Niner Nov 9 at 15:54
  • You're using fetchAll() which is used with SELECT, but you say you want to redirect after "updating"; I don't understand that. – Funk Forty Niner Nov 9 at 15:55
  • What should I use when using UPDATE? – Vincent Omondi Nov 9 at 15:59
  • That will depend on what you used to update your database with. – Funk Forty Niner Nov 9 at 16:00
  • $data = [ 'data1' => $pick, 'data2' => $pick2, ]; $sql = "UPDATE table1 SET col1=:data1 WHERE col2=:data2"; $stmt= $mysqli->prepare($sql); $stmt->execute($data); – Vincent Omondi Nov 9 at 16:03

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