I am trying to create a chat system and am currently trying to delete messages real time. I made a function which runs every 2 seconds which checks which message has been deleted by the user on the other end. Here is my code:

setInterval(function() {
function message_deletion() {
url: 'functions.php',
type: 'POST',
data: {
success: function(data) {
var serialize = $.parseJSON(data);
if(serialize.success=='true') {
var message = serialize.message;

Here is the html code for messages:

<div class="message message-193298">
<p class="message_text">Hello!</p>
<div class="message message-193698">
<p class="message_text">Hello!</p>

The problem, which I guess, is that the remove function needs some sort of user interaction before executing (eg: click, alert, prompt) to work properly. Because this is a chat app and everything has to work in real time, I find it no good idea to alert the user every time a message gets deleted.
What methods do you know that might actually work? I would love to know!
And thanks in advance!

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