I'm trying to create a pop-up like in the following image:

enter image description here

But I'm getting an error in the line shown below.

This is my file show.blade.php:

<!-- this line produces the error -->
<a href="{!! route('invitations.store') !!}" class="btn btn-danger" onclick="event.preventDefault() >
    Apply now
  • Please edit the question and add your routes/web.php file – Saly 3301 Nov 9 at 17:11
  • Is there any specific error message coming out? Or is it simply not showing what you expected? – sɐunıɔןɐqɐp Nov 11 at 17:46

You need to have a route named invitations.store defined in your routes file, most likely routes/web.php file

This is just an example, make sure to use your proper controller and method name

Route::post('invite', 'InvitationsController@store')->name('invitations.store');

Replace InvitationsController by your controller class name and store by the method in that controller, you can also change invite by another URL you like


If you have created a resource route for a model named Invitation like this

Route::resource('invitations', 'InvitationsController');

You're gonna have routes setup like this

| Method    | URI                           | Name                | Action                                             |
| GET|HEAD  | invitations                   | invitations.index   | App\Http\Controllers\InvitationsController@index   |
| POST      | invitations                   | invitations.store   | App\Http\Controllers\InvitationsController@store   |
| GET|HEAD  | invitations/create            | invitations.create  | App\Http\Controllers\InvitationsController@create  |
| GET|HEAD  | invitations/{invitation}      | invitations.show    | App\Http\Controllers\InvitationsController@show    |
| PUT|PATCH | invitations/{invitation}      | invitations.update  | App\Http\Controllers\InvitationsController@update  |
| DELETE    | invitations/{invitation}      | invitations.destroy | App\Http\Controllers\InvitationsController@destroy |
| GET|HEAD  | invitations/{invitation}/edit | invitations.edit    | App\Http\Controllers\InvitationsController@edit    |

Another note, don't use {!! !!}} to render the route URL, it can be dangerous if an attacker injected something malicious, use {{ }} instead

<a href="{{ route('invitations.store') }}" class="btn btn-danger" onclick="event.preventDefault() >

Hope this helps


I hope it will help for this issue.


Route::get('invitations', ['as' => 'invitations.store', 'uses' => 'YourController@store']);


Route::post('invitations', ['as' => 'invitations.store', 'uses' => 'YourController@store']);

check whether you have return blade file in your controller.

public function store(Request $request){
   $data=array(); // if you have data
   return view('jobs.show', compact('data'));

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