I have the following html snippet from this page

    <div id="title-bar">
  <button id="close-btn" class="tb-buttons">
    <img src="Images/Cl</div>
              <div class="module widget. 
         handle mobile-toggle right 
         visible-sm visible-xs"><i 
                               class="fa fa-bars"></i>. 
                                                 </div><div class="module 
         group right"><div 
                     class="module left">                     
                                        <div class="collapse navbar- 
         collapse navbar-ex1- 
         collapse"><ul id="menu" 
                                class="menu"><li id="menu. 
         item-3530" class="menu-item 
         menu-item-object-page menu- 
         item-has-children menu-item- 
         3530 dropdown"><a 
         /contact/">Contact </a><span 
         shapely-dropdown" data- 
         fa-angle-down" aria- 
                                    <ul role="menu" class=" 
         dropdown-menu"><li id="menu- 
         item-2864" class="menu-item 
         menu-item-object-page menu- 
         item-2864"><a title="Drawing 
                      Development</a></li>ose.png" />
  <p id="title">CharactersPalette</p>
  <button id="eye-btn" class="tb-buttons">
    <img src="Images/Hide.png" />
  <button id="min-btn" class="tb-buttons">
    <img src="Images/Min.png" />

I'm trying to replace the word contact with menu bars in desktop. It shows as bars in mobile but not desktop. I'm assuming answer is php but other ways considered.

I'm new to php so I not sure what file controls homepage. I found `home. php in my public html-theme and found this inside it.

<?php get_header(); ?>
if ( ! function_exists( 'dynamic_sidebar' ) || ! 
dynamic_sidebar( 'sidebar-home' ) ) :
?><div class="container p24 wp-caption-text">
<h5><?php echo esc_html__( 'This is the "Home Sidebar 
 Section", add some widgets to it to change it.', 'shapely' ); 
 <?php endif; ?><?php get_footer(); ?>

But no indication of menu...

I've got this far with css:

@media (min-width: 768px) {#menu-item-3530 

Php failing, can I do some sort of before after here? I'm assuming that I'd need to add a button function to make it drop down, can this also be done using only css?

  • well a brute-force approach would be to redesign #menu-item-3530 via CSS give it a background and text color transparent. with conditional CSS based on screen width – George Dryser Nov 9 at 17:45
  • @GeorgeDryser OK. So media query and then..... – Animate1 Nov 9 at 17:51
  • yep, I guess you don't want to change the widget JS itself.. – George Dryser Nov 9 at 17:52
  • Well I was hoping for some sort of php solution. Conditional so if screen width over 768px then continue to display bars Css and php are best options I think. – Animate1 Nov 9 at 17:56
  • <? php get_header(); ?> <?php if ( ! menu bars etc.... – Animate1 Nov 9 at 17:58

So I found the string which contains the settings in header.php

So go to: cpanel-file manager- public html-wp-content-themes-yourtheme

Once there select header.php and you will find a string containing:

<header id="masthead" class="site-header<?php echo 
get_theme_mod( 'mobile_menu_on_desktop', false ) ? ' 
 mobile-menu' : ''; ?>" role="banner">

Or something like it.

Change the false to true and you have your mobile menu on desktop like so:

<header id="masthead" class="site-header<?php echo 
get_theme_mod( 'mobile_menu_on_desktop', true ) ? ' 
mobile-menu' : ''; ?>" role="banner">

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