Not really sure the terms I am trying to achieve, basically what I want to do is: in test/homepage.php, I click on a button that leads me to test/homepage/article1, something like that. What I am able to do is go from test/homepage.php to test/article1.php.

All I am trying to do is submit a form that creates a page where in that page, i can go to another page as well like in the screenshots.

From this page: https://imgur.com/undefined

To this page (that this page can be created through a form): https://imgur.com/8gOdTdP

To even more, like this one. Into the Draw section, which the URL has changed too.: https://imgur.com/auOpqUe

  • wow! use htaccess to create those links – dean Nov 9 at 17:47
  • even with so many layers like ../../../.., just using htaccess that's all? – Sean Nov 9 at 17:53
  • Sorry i'm really new to this, is it called the Redirect in htaccess? – Sean Nov 9 at 17:54
  • you can do alot with htaccess even site.com/pa/any/1/ anything is possible – dean Nov 9 at 17:58
  • So basically I just have to remove the extension, and I can redirect it through folders and php files? – Sean Nov 9 at 18:20

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