my site offers 7 days subscription to customers but the customer is receiving 6 days. How to solve this problem? This problem happening on all customer plans. The customer purchases a 7 day plan today and receives 6 days. Get a 30 day plan today and get 29 days.


<div class="card-block">

    <div class="card-body text-center">

        <h3>Plano atual : {{ $user->plan->name }}</h3>
        @if($user->expire_time == 1)
        <h3>Duração Ilimitada</h3>
        @elseif (\Carbon\Carbon::now() <= $user->expire_time)
            @if (\Carbon\Carbon::parse($user->expire_time)->diffInDays() == 0)
            <h3>Duração : {{ \Carbon\Carbon::parse($user->expire_time)->diffForHumans()  }} </h3>
            <h3>Duração : {{ \Carbon\Carbon::parse($user->expire_time)->diffInDays()  }} - Dias</h3>
            <h3>Duração expirar</h3>
  • If in everycase you are missing for only 1 then you can add 1 with them.. Think over it – Tanvir Ahmed Nov 9 at 19:31

I found the code responsible for showing the user only 6 days of the plan. I want it to be shown 7 days, because the user paid for 7 days. How to change to show 7 days.?


  foreach (array_reverse($stack) as $d){
            $date = Carbon::parse($d)->format('Y-m-d');
            $start = $date.' '.'00:00:00';
            $end = $date.' '.'23:59:59';
            $dC= Signal::whereBetween('created_at',[$start,$end])->get();
            $dV[] .= count($dC);
        $data['dV'] = $dV;
        $data['dL'] = $dL;

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