I new in Java, and cant figured out how to test this code in JUnit

public class Foo {

  public void foo(int i, List<String> s) {
    i += 15;

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  • Check that s contains the string "d" one more time after you have called foo(...) – Turing85 Nov 9 at 20:04
  • .... and that the value of i has increased by 15 after each call – J. Murray Nov 9 at 21:11

To test the a void method, call it and verify it had the effect it should have.

What effects would a method like that have, and not have?

  • The passed list increases in size by 1.

  • All existing elements in the list remain unchanged.

  • The extra element is last, and is a "d" string.

  • The effect is the same no matter what the value of the first parameter is.

  • If desired, check that the value of a variable passed as the first parameter remain unchanged, since Java is pass-by-value, not pass-by-ref. Dumb test, but it's a dumb method, so why not.

So these are the thing you can check in jUnit test cases.

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