I have this: List and Job is an abstract class. I serialize this like this:

        Document document = new Document();
        document.put("jobs", jobs);

The serialization is OK but how can i deserialize it ?

I tried something like this:

        Document cursor = UserMongoFactory.loadInfo(getPlayerName());
        List<Job> jobs = (List<Job>) cursor.get("jobs");

But it doesn't work :/ Here is the structure of my database for jobs (look screen) Database screen

  • Sorry but I really do not want to "look screen", and you would have received a message that basically told you as much when you attempted to add the image to your post. We really do not want screenshots here. Your data structure, just like the code is viewable as "text". Please include the "text" and nothing else. Questions which fail to do this will be marked for closure as "unclear" – Neil Lunn Nov 10 at 10:16
  • That said, you basically appear to be missing the principle of iterating the cursor. In order to return a document ( even a single result ) you typically want cursor.next() – Neil Lunn Nov 10 at 10:21
  • @NeilLunn I understand but there is no link between what i said and what you gave to me.. – Toinetoine1 Nov 11 at 16:26
  • The cursor var is all of my data. But i can't get my array of Job (which is Abstract) by doing List<Job> jobs = (List<Job>) cursor.get("jobs"); Here is my method loadInfo: public static BasicDBObject loadInfo(String playerName){ return collection.find(new BasicDBObject("playerName", playerName), BasicDBObject.class).first(); } – Toinetoine1 Nov 11 at 16:27
  • There is a very clear link. A Cursor is not a singular object. You are attempting to retrieve a singular value from something that needs to be iterated. Which is exactly what the linked duplicate is showing you. Please read and learn. – Neil Lunn Nov 12 at 9:39