I have a label_image (ie an array that associates each pixel of an image to a physical object. Zero is for the background, one of the first object (a car, an animal for example) etc... The array has dimension of dimension 46000-by-40000 and is of type scipy.sparse.csr_matrix

I want to calculate some stats, like centroids and area but skimage.measure.regionprops does not work with sparse arrays

Has anyone seen anything similar to regionprops that would take python sparse arrays please?

  • Wow! fwiw, I have never seen something like this, so you might be out of luck, and have to implement it yourself. The only incomplete thing I can think of is this PR to dask-image: github.com/dask/dask-image/pull/97, would would require you to create a dense but out-of-core array of your image. But then you'd still need to figure out the regionprops part yourself. Distributed regionprops is something on my radar but it'll be a few months before I get back to it. sparse... That wasn't even on my radar. =\ – Juan Nov 10 at 3:29
  • Another thing that might be useful is zarr (zarr.readthedocs.io/en/stable), which lets you have dense-but-compressed in-memory arrays. I suspect that would be very effective for your volume, but then you'd still need something like that dask-image function to pull out all the bits. – Juan Nov 10 at 3:31

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