I'm trying to load a model partially (i.e., instead of loading all the layers at once, I'm just trying to load the first couple layers of the network). Here is my code:

import torch

unet = my_unet(in_ch=5, out_ch=1).cuda()
enc = torch.nn.Sequential(*list(unet.children())[:10])
del unet # Comment this line if you wnat to load unet and see output later
x = np.random.randn(1, 5, 320, 320)
x = (x - np.min(x))/(np.max(x) - np.min(x))
out = enc(torch.FloatTensor(x).cuda())
# out = unet(torch.FloatTensor(x).cuda())

If I run this script, it is interrupted by CUDA out of memory error. But if I load the whole my_unet model(by commenting the 3rd and the 7th line and uncommenting the 8th line) it works fine and prints the out.size() (1, 1, 320, 320) as expected. What am I doing wrong here? Why can I load the whole model but can not load part of the same model which should require less memory? Is there any workaround?


You didn't say where the CUDA out of memory is thrown. Anyway, I wouldn't move the model to the GPU until you have the final one. Do something like this:

unet = my_unet(in_ch=5, out_ch=1)                              # removed .cuda()
enc = torch.nn.Sequential(*list(unet.children())[:10]).cuda()  # added .cuda()

# [...]

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