I'm using a textblock with a binding to a variable in a static class. If the variable is set initially within the class, the text is updated. But when the variable changes within a method the bound textblock text does not change.

I set the value initialy to "initial text" and afterwards, I try to change it within a method. But the text never changes, even if i see it changes in the debugger.

I added a textblock with a binding to a static variable:

<TextBlock Text="{x:Static local:InfoBanner.InfoBannerText}"/>

In the code, I implemented the following class:

public static class InfoBanner
    static InfoBanner()
        infoBannerText = "initial text";

    public static void showMessage(Window window)
        infoBannerText = "changed text";
        Storyboard sb = window.FindResource("storyInfoBanner") as Storyboard;

    public static string infoBannerText;

    public static String InfoBannerText
        get { return infoBannerText; }
        set {
            infoBannerText = value;
            StaticPropertyChanged?.Invoke(null, FilterStringPropertyEventArgs);

    public static readonly PropertyChangedEventArgs FilterStringPropertyEventArgs = new PropertyChangedEventArgs(nameof(InfoBannerText));
        public static event PropertyChangedEventHandler StaticPropertyChanged;


What I expected was, that the text updates every time I call the method showMessage. But the text keeps the value "initial text"

Does anyone has an idea what I'm doing wrong? Best regrads hafisch

  • You have to set the property, not its backing field: InfoBannerText = "changed text"; As a note, FilterStringPropertyEventArgs seems to be an odd name here. You would typically not store the event args as a public static member at all. Better just call StaticPropertyChanged?.Invoke(null, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(nameof(InfoBannerText))); – Clemens Nov 10 '19 at 22:53

Besides that you must update the property - not its backing field - by calling

InfoBannerText = "changed text";

you have to use a Binding for the Text property, instead of just an assignment:

Text="{Binding Path=(local:InfoBanner.InfoBannerText)}"

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