Here I'm using WSO2 Api manager 1.7.0 as server(172.x.x.6) and another VM (172.x.x.21) as client. Server is enabled TCP 8243 port for secured connections.When I tried curl request from my client VM (with certificate), I am experiencing some delays intermittently.(eg: 5 seconds delay for one request out of 20 requests) In TCPDUMP, I noticed that server has taken around 5 seconds to send "Server Hello". How we can find out the exact reason for this delay? Is it from OS level or JVM level or Tomcat level? Do we have any system parameters to fine tune to eliminate this intermittent delay?


  • Could be a DNS issue. Note that this is a session resumption, not a full handshake. – user207421 Nov 11 at 7:00
  • No. I'm hitting direct ip. 172.x.x.6:8243/xxx/xxx/xxxx. As i checked, This has used same session id. how can we identify session resumption? – Hasitha Nov 11 at 8:10

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