I'm getting information from database, saving it in array and echoing it in a form with loop structure and I'm having problems when I try to save the modified information to database.

I'm getting this error:

Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in....


    $namesql1 = "SELECT name,date,text,date2 FROM table WHERE something= '$something'";
    $nameresult1 = mysql_query($namesql1);
    $countrows = mysql_num_rows($nameresult1);
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($nameresult1, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {
        $name[] = $row['name'];
        $date[] = $row['date'];
        $text[] = $row['text'];
        $date2[] = $row['date2 '];


    $wrotesql = "UPDATE service_report SET  name ='$name' , $date = '$date',$text = '$text[$nro]', ser_date = '$date2[$nro]' WHERE something = '$something')";

    $wroteresult = mysql_query($wrotesql);

Could somebody please give me a hint what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you.

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    in... ? Could you tell us the line? – Shoe May 4 '11 at 7:03
  • That worked as a charm, changed brackets for parenthesis. – Alan Masters Jul 19 '17 at 16:10

You get this error when attempting to use the short array push syntax on a string.

For example, this

$foo = 'foo';
$foo[] = 'bar'; // ERROR!

I'd hazard a guess that one or more of your $name, $date, $text or $date2 variables has been initialised as a string.

Edit: Looking again at your question, it looks like you don't actually want to use them as arrays as you're treating them as strings further down.

If so, change your assignments to

$name = $row['name'];
$date = $row['date'];
$text = $row['text'];
$date2 = $row['date2'];

It seems there are some issues with PHP 7 and code using the empty-index array push syntax.

To make it clear, these work fine in PHP 7+

$previouslyUndeclaredVariableName[] = 'value'; // creates an array and adds one entry

$emptyArray = []; // creates an array
$emptyArray[] = 'value'; // pushes in an entry

What does not work is attempting to use empty-index push on any variable declared as a string, number, object, etc, ie

$declaredAsString = '';
$declaredAsString[] = 'value';

$declaredAsNumber = 1;
$declaredAsNumber[] = 'value';

$declaredAsObject = new stdclass();
$declaredAsObject[] = 'value';

All result in a fatal error.

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    I have found that this can be a problem associated with migrating from php 5 to php 7. php 5 was more tolerant of amibiguity in whether a variable was an array or not than php 7 is. In most cases the solution is to declare the array explicitly, as explained in this answer. – Jeremy Young Oct 31 '17 at 21:20
  • @JeremyYoung your comment helped in my case, my Wordpress instance stopped working and when I switched from 7.2 to 5.6 it worked. – Mihail Minkov Feb 21 '19 at 15:38

You have probably defined $name, $date, $text or $date2 to be a string, like:

$name = 'String';

Then if you treat it like an array it will give that fatal error:

$name[] = 'new value'; // fatal error

To solve your problem just add the following code at the beginning of the loop:

$name = array();
$date = array();
$text = array();
$date2 = array();

This will reset their value to array and then you'll able to use them as arrays.

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  • Or declare this $name = null – Albert Hidalgo Nov 22 '18 at 13:15
  • I tried this solution but I still get the same problem. I am not familiar with PHP. $taxquery = array(); <- I added this row. $taxquery = $q->get('tax_query'); $taxquery []= array( 'taxonomy' => 'product_type', 'field' => 'slug', 'terms' => 'auction', 'operator'=> 'NOT IN' ); – Anders Persson Feb 7 '19 at 9:50

Such behavior is described in Migrating from PHP 7.0.x to PHP 7.1.x/

The empty index operator is not supported for strings anymore Applying the empty index operator to a string (e.g. $str[] = $x) throws a fatal error instead of converting silently to array.

In my case it was a mere initialization. I fixed it by replacing $foo='' with $foo=[].

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this was available in php 5.6 in php 7+ you should declare the array first

$users = array(); // not $users = ";
$users[] = "762";
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I had similar situation:

$foo = array();
$foo[] = 'test'; // error    
$foo[] = "test"; // working fine

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