I'm currently working on my Master Thesis and have never used MATLAB before. However, I need to perform several computations/calculations. I know how to perform the calculation by hand, but this would consume several days and it thus very time consuming. Therefore, my request is: "How to write, setup and perform aggregation based on 'majority additive'-ordered weighting averaging (MA-OWA) in MATLAB?" [SEARCH FOR ORDERED WEIGHTING AVERAGING in GOOGLE].

A little introduction to the subject, the goal of the thesis is to construct a tool which can measure the environmental and social impact of high rise buildings within a city centre area. However, the impact per floor level should be calculated, by Primary (horizontal) aggregation, Secondary (vertical) aggregation, Tertiary aggregation.

To give an example about primary horizontal aggregation: In the primary (horizontal) aggregation process aggregates environmental and social impact values from neighboring parcels at location level that are located at the same level and produce one value in comparison with the subject floor’s land use. A comparison is firstly made with the neighbouring land uses on basement level (8 in total in the example) resulting in a set of eight environmental-social impact values which need to be aggregated using the primary aggregation methodology. Each of these values is derived from the environmental-social impact matrix for the subject environmental or social aspect. This process is repeated for each floor level resulting in four floor values provided that at all levels neighboring land uses exist. The process shows aggregation in both diagonal and horizontal direction, depending on the subject land use and the neighboring land use(s) which may or may not be on the same level.

See equations as images.

Many thanks, Frank

Primary aggregation

Secondary aggregation

Tertiary aggregation

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