How can I implement auto-updating of my application when a new version is released without using Google Play Store? I'm using JSON to check the version.


==== Update December 2021

new nice package, recommend this one https://pub.dev/packages/new_version

==== Actually, in June 2020, we have more possibilities with Flutter. Among them:

1. Make updates inside the app. Display two kinds of notifications if the app has the new version.

enter image description here

Plugin - https://pub.dev/packages/in_app_update (works only on Android, iOS doesn't support such functionality)

2. When a newer app version is available in the app store, a simple alert prompt widget or card is displayed.

enter image description here

Works Android & iOS. Plugin - https://pub.dev/packages/upgrader

3. Use Firebase in-app messaging. It gives flexibility in the messages and forms of notifications.

  • But a lot more boilerplate code and work.
  • But you can use it for other messages and notifications when your app is growing.


4. Make it by yourself. Maybe even less code then in the case with Firebase messaging.

  • does the first option work in all android versions? Jul 22 '20 at 20:04
  • 2
    Hi, according to documentation - In-app updates works only with devices running Android 5.0 (API level 21) or higher, and requires you to use Play Core library 1.5.0 or higher. Additionally, in-app updates support apps running on only Android mobile devices and tablets, and Chrome OS devices.
    – awaik
    Jul 22 '20 at 20:14
  • How to use the upgrader plugin ? I'm not able to understand the example given in the link. where to call the upgrader code is the confusion ? Aug 20 '20 at 20:26
  • please look the example from developers github.com/larryaasen/upgrader/blob/master/example/lib/…
    – awaik
    Aug 21 '20 at 12:47

It's not possible without using the google play store if you want an automatic update.

  • You need to handle the versioning yourself by hosting the apks somewhere (say github for example) and check if a new version exists and prompt the user whether they want to update the app.
  • Then download the new apk in the background. (You can use this package)
  • Then open the apk when it's done downloading using one of the methods mentioned here
  • Which will then prompt the user whether to allow installing apks from your app

A plugin exists if you want to do it using the play store. in_app_update Which wraps the android in-app update functionality s 2

Their official example on github

If you also want an iOS solution, then it's not possible. You could redirect the user to the AppStore. Some more info on the distribution methods available for apple apps.

There is this method which might work if you have an enterprise license.

Whereas if you have a server running, have an endpoint to query the latest versions and another endpoint that allows users to download the apk.

Use something like github releases if you don't have a server.


Maybe this help you

Backend backend = Backend.instance();
PackageInfo packageInfo = await PackageInfo.fromPlatform();
String packageName = packageInfo.packageName;

Response r;
try {

  r = await backend.io.get("https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=$packageName&hl=en");
  if(r.statusCode == 200){
    String data = r.data;

    String pat1 = 'Current Version</div><span class="htlgb"><div class="IQ1z0d"><span class="htlgb">';
    String pat2 = '</span>';

    int p1 = data.indexOf(pat1) + pat1.length;
    String f = data.substring(p1, data.length);
    int p2 = f.indexOf(pat2);

    String currentVersion = f.substring(0, p2);

    return currentVersion;

  return null;

} catch (e) {

  errors = backend.interceptor.errors;

  return null;

My way of implementation is to use a variable and compare that variable from a database. It could be Firebase or any other. For this example, I will use Firebase realtime database.

int version = 1;
void checkLatestVersion(){
//Here i am getting just the value of the latest version stored on firebase.    
      if(snapshot.value != null){
          int versionNumberFromDatabase = int.parse(snapshot.value));
             print("the app needs to be updated");
             //HERE you can create a dialog to display and force users to update
             print("The app doesn't to be need updated ");

The above example will work for both Android and iOS, but there is a package that will let you update your app from the app itself. Check the documentation.

in_app_update 1.1.7

This will enables In-App Updates on Android using the official Android APIs.

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