I am trying to verify same day micro deposits using plaid. Placed user object and auth as the only product in plaid initialization.

var handler = Plaid.create({
    clientName: 'Plaid Test',
    countryCodes: ['US','CA'],
    env: '#{ENV['PLAID_ENV']}',
    key: '#{ENV['PLAID_PUBLIC_KEY']}',
    product: ['auth'],
    language: 'en',
    user: { legalName: 'xxxxxxx',
            emailAddress: 'xxxx@xxxx.com',
    webhook: "https://webhook.site",
    onSuccess: function(public_token, metadata) {
      public_token: public_token,
      metadata = {
        link_session_id: metadata.link_session_id,
        institution: {
          name: JSON.stringify(metadata['institution']['name']),
          institution_id: JSON.stringify(metadata['institution']['institution_id']),        
        accounts: [{
          id: account_id,
          verification_status: 'manually_verified',

      // Send the public_token to an internal server
      // and exchange it for an access_token.
      fetch("/get_access_token", {
        method: "POST",
        body: {
          public_token: public_token,
          accounts: metadata.accounts,
          institution: metadata.institution,
          link_session_id: metadata.link_session_id,

// Trigger the Link UI
  document.getElementById('link-button#{investment[:investment].id}').onclick = function() {

How to Handle and consume the metadata.accounts.verification_status object in the onSuccess() callback so that you can track the status to determine when to call /auth/get? And How to build UI to prompt user to enter the microdeposits.

  • You should only get a single account so you should be able to use metadata.account.verification_status – Vignan S Nov 12 '19 at 19:21

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