I'd like to check if two project properties are set and if not, set them to empty values in order to avoid a build failure. These properties are supposed come from ~/.gradle/gradle.properties (if configured).

The goal is to have credentials to a Maven repository in S3 defined in that local file. Every user has to put his own data there, but I want the build to just output a warning and continue if these are not set. Chances are high it will still be successful even without contacting S3.

I have got it running with Groovy DSL, but I am now switching to Kotlin and I just can't get the syntax right.

This is how ~/.gradle/gradle.properties looks like:


And here are the relevant sections of the build.gradle.kts

if (!project.hasProperty("s3AccessKeyId") || !project.hasProperty("s3SecretKey")) {
    logger.lifecycle("WARNING: s3AccessKeyId and s3SecretKey not set!")
    project.extra["s3AccessKeyId"] = ""
    project.extra["s3SecretKey"] = ""

repositories {
    maven {
        url = uri("s3://maven-repo.mycompany.com.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/")
        credentials(AwsCredentials::class) {
            accessKey = project.extra["s3AccessKeyId"].toString()
            secretKey = project.extra["s3SecretKey"].toString()

No matter how I write the s3AccessKeyId="" lines, I am always getting the error:

Cannot get property 's3AccessKeyId' on extra properties extension as it does not exist

If all artifacts are found in the local Maven repository, I expect the build to work, even without gradle.properties. Only if some artifact is missing, the build should abort with some "credentials wrong" error.

As I said, it already worked with Groovy.

  • I am unable to reproduce with similar code in modern versions of Gradle and the kotlin-dsl. Therefore, I am voting to close.
    – mkobit
    Commented Jun 8, 2021 at 14:37

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For that you need to use the properties attibute which is different from the extra like:


And then you need to have in your gradle.properties:


If the value is not there it might return null so you can do:

(project.properties["s3SecretKey"] ?: "default value").toString()

And it should work

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