I am sending following ELM237 commands to a Porsche Cayenne. There are two ECU on the Bus 7E9 and 7E8. I would like to address only one at a time. I thought I can do that by using atsh7E8 to talk only to one but then the answers contain only the string 'NODATA'. I guess I miss something here to filter one ECU at a time. Does somebody have an idea?

[atd, OK],
[atl0, atl0OK],
[ate0, ate0OK], 
[ath1, OK], 
[atsp0, OK],
[ats0, OK],
[atat1, OK],
[ate0, OK],
[0100, 7E9064100981880017E8064100BFBEA893],
[0120, 7E8064120A007B1197E906412000000001], 
[0140, 7E8064140FED085007E9064140E0800000],
[atdp, AUTO,ISO15765-4(CAN11/500)],
[0900, 7E9064900144000007E806490055400000],
[0902, 7E810144902015750317E821414332413231477E8224C413839303838], 
[010C, 7E904410C09607E804410C095C],
[010D, 7E903410D007E803410D00]

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  • It is about filtering CAN Bus messaged in a mobile app. How is this not about programming. I asked about a command I send over the serial bus. This is for a mobile app. – Ride Sun Nov 14 '19 at 20:43
  • Its like saying a HTTP request over the internet is not programming. – Ride Sun Nov 14 '19 at 21:19

I suppose by addressing you mean, you want to see the messages of only one ECU at a time. In your example above you are not sending any messages to the car.

Filtering the received messages be done by using the Receive Filtering command of the ELM237


After that you will see only the messages sent with ID 7E8

  • Thank u I will try that. Is there a way of sending a comand to find out what ECU addresses are on the bus before getting data? – Ride Sun Nov 14 '19 at 18:55

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