I have simple Spring Boot App generated by JHipster and I am getting architectural constraint violations for my Service layer taking in a DTO from the Rest Layer. I get the separation of concerns idea but how do I keep things simple? I mean at the moment the DTO of the rest layer is exactly what I need at the service layer too. Am I suppose to keep two versions of essentially the same request and response objects just to keep layer independence? Whats a simple resolution of this issue. Define the request and response in the service layer and add rest layer DTO later if there is a change?

Now I saw this article which is quite good but it assumes that the service is working only with entities Not really true in all cases. The Service layer might need all that is coming in from the dto request object. https://www.baeldung.com/entity-to-and-from-dto-for-a-java-spring-application And thats the issue. How do I get a full request DTO into the service layer.

  • So it looks like one solution is to use DTO of the service layer from within the Rest Controller. But what if you want to change Rest api independent of the service? Mapping? – Average Bear Nov 13 at 6:05

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