I'm using the SinkWriter example from Tutorial: Using the Sink Writer to Encode Video. I would like to add a title to the mp4 file generated similar to the following.

_bstr_t strTitle =L"dksldk";

CComPtr<IWMHeaderInfo> pHeaderInfo;
ComCheck(m_pWriter->QueryInterface( IID_IWMHeaderInfo, (void**)&pHeaderInfo ));
ComCheck(pHeaderInfo->SetAttribute( 0,  g_wszWMTitle, 
WMT_TYPE_STRING, (BYTE*)(wchar_t *)strTitle, 2*(strTitle.length()+1)));

Could someone please help me with this?


Sink Writer API does not offer the requested capability. However you can complete writing MP4 file, close sink writer instance and then use Media Foundation MPEG-4 Property Handler (see SHGetPropertyStoreFromParsingName and code snippet here: Access denied on setting property after clearing same property) to add properties to finished file.

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