I have created a QR code generator in ASP.net. Now every time I scan a generated QR code, i need to verify whether that QR code has already been scanned. I have to do this by checking in database (SQL) against the BIT of that particular code. once the QR code gets scanned, the bit should update itself as 1 or else remains 0. So next time while scanning the same QR code it should give me a message stating that the QR code has already been scanned if the bit against that QR code is 1. pls help

  • What have you tried so far to do accomplish this? – betelgeuce Nov 13 '19 at 10:30

You not need to set a bit for checking that QR code already scanned, You have to make a separate table where you can save deviceids and that QR ids which you are try to scan, Once a user scan that QR Code add an entry in that table, so next time when he scan from same deviceid it will not allow him/her to scan.

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