I want to register an implementation for my service IQueryService<TEntity, TPrimaryKey>.

So I have code that looks like this:


And I want to create a similar implementation for entities with string as primary key, let's call it QueryServiceString. Is there a way to write it down so that Castle Windsor will automatically pick up which class it should inject?


A partially open generic type IQueryService<,STRING?> is invalid syntax.

You can register a factory method and resolve a type based on the generic arguments:


    .UsingFactoryMethod((kernel, creationContext) =>
        Type type = null;

        var tEntity = creationContext.GenericArguments[0];
        var tPrimaryKey = creationContext.GenericArguments[1];
        if (tPrimaryKey == typeof(string))
            type = typeof(QueryServiceString<>).MakeGenericType(tEntity);
            type = typeof(QueryService<,>).MakeGenericType(tEntity, tPrimaryKey);

        return kernel.Resolve(type);

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