public function beforeValidate() {

    if(isset($this->detailsData[5]) && !$this->detailsData[5]){
        $this->addError('detailsData[5]', 'error msg');
        return false;

    return parent::beforeValidate();

I am trying to show error msg on a particular array key in ActiveForm

  • try remove return false; in your code, and check without array index to if your code is correct and problem is in array index or in your code – ttrasn Nov 13 '19 at 12:46
  • tried that $this->addError('detailsData', 'error msg'); by removing key the msg is applied to all fields – tphobe9312 Nov 13 '19 at 13:06
  • Maybe try defining the function like this public function beforeValidate($attribute, $model) { and create the error like this $this->addError($attribute, 'error msg'); – Mike Nov 14 '19 at 12:40
  • Please mention your definition of $this->detailsData[5] – Shringiraj Dewangan Nov 18 '19 at 7:29

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