I want to configure WSO2 API Manager with SSO, the IDP will be an external identity provider. (Example: Siteminder) This configuration should be done for a single application configured in WSO2 API Manager Store.

  • Do you want to manage keys of a particular application created in Store with an external identity provider? Is that your requirement? – Vithursa M Nov 14 at 3:48
  • No I want to integrate WSO2 API Manager with an external SiteMinder. So that the authentication happens in SiteMinder and the access token generation happens in WSO2 API manager – suresh kumar Nov 14 at 6:19

You may follow the approach mentioned below:

  1. When you generate tokens for an application in API Store, it will create a service provider. You can view it in Management Console under Service Providers.
  2. Create an Identity Provider with the relevant configurations of SiteMinder (Give OIDC or SAML configs under Federated Authenticators section, as per your requirement)
  3. Edit the Service Provider which created for the application. Select Federated Authentication and select the created Identity Provider under Local & Outbound Authentication Configuration.

Further, you may use custom event handler [1] to change the authentication Identity Provider during Service Provider creation

[1] https://docs.wso2.com/display/IS580/Writing+a+Custom+Event+Handler

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