Steps to reproduce

$a = New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet -MultipleInstances StopExisting

Expected behavior

The task's multiple instances policy is set to kill existing tasks before starting another instance.

Actual behavior

value "StopExisting" to type "Microsoft.PowerShell.Cmdletization.GeneratedTypes.ScheduledTask.MultipleInstancesEnum".
Error: "Unable to match the identifier name StopExisting to a valid enumerator name. Specify one of the following
enumerator names and try again:
Parallel, Queue, IgnoreNew"
At line:1 char:131
+ ... ngOnBatteries -ExecutionTimeLimit $b -MultipleInstances StopExisting
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidData: (:) [New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet], ParameterBindingArgumentTransformationException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : ParameterArgumentTransformationError,New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSet

Source: https://windowsserver.uservoice.com/forums/301869-powershell/category/148044/filters/new?page=4

  • You could try the Github issue tracker. This isn't strictly a bug in PowerShell, though, but more in the .Net framework (a missing value in an enum), so I'm not sure that's the right place. SO, however, is definitely not the right place for PowerShell bug reports. – Ansgar Wiechers Nov 13 at 16:00
  • @DharDibya: It's not acceptable to copy an entire question from another website. You need to acknowledge the original source. – Ben Voigt Nov 13 at 16:49
  • Hi @BenVoigt apologies I was facing the similar issue so in hurry forgot to acknowledge , I will do that. Many thanks for pointing out – Dhar Dibya Nov 13 at 16:57