Problem: My application architecutre is build up on multiple docker images like bitnami/zookeeper or bitnami/kafka wich depend on each other. In order to run my multi-container Docker application I use Docker Compose. Now I want to deploy my application to AWS. I found several approaches to doing this with the various services that AWS offers, as described in this article here for example.

Question: However, Most of the solutions that I found only show the deployment of a single Docker Container with AWS. But which AWS Service is the right choice in order to manage multiple containers that depend on each other and what is best practice?

  • ECS is a Docker cluster on AWS. That's what you should use. – Markus Appel Nov 13 '19 at 16:05

Different horses for different courses, you can run Docker in any service that you mentioned but I will not go for comparison but I will go for the right choice.

Only the ECS or EKS designed for running Docker container, nor the EC2 nor the Elasticbeanstalk.

This is really hard to manage container with EC2 and Elasticbeanstalk in case of multi-container Elasticbeanstalk will configure ECS for you.

With ECS or EKS you will get these advantage

  • Easy Cluster Management
  • High Performance
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Extensible & Portable
  • Resource Efficiency
  • AWS Integration
  • Docker-container optmized AMI
  • More Secure
  • cost efficent


Also, you can explore fargate which has more advanced feature and you will not need to manage any server or cluster.


You should give a try to AWS ECS service to AWS EKS service to deploy docker cluster on AWS.

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