I am using Circle CI in my Swift Project, it was working fine until today. I tried my best to solve this issue but couldn't. I am getting this error about Pods and have no idea why.

[!] Oh no, an error occurred.

Search for existing GitHub issues similar to yours:

If none exists, create a ticket, with the template displayed above, on:

Be sure to first read the contributing guide for details on how to properly submit a ticket:

Don't forget to anonymize any private data!

Looking for related issues on cocoapods/cocoapods...
 - Pod install returning error
   https://github.com/CocoaPods/CocoaPods/issues/2944 [closed] [3 comments]
   15 Dec 2014

Exited with code 1
CircleCI received exit code 1

I already dig into the issues mentioned here but unable to solved it. Thanks in advance.

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