I have this method:

function replaceRightClickIcefacesMethod() {
    var oldName = jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock").attr("oncontextmenu");
    oldName = oldName.replace('Ice.Menu.contextMenuPopup', 'contextMenuPopupUpdated');
    jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock").attr("oncontextmenu", oldName);

which works nice on Chrome or FF. BUT on IE I receive this complaining:

Object does not support this property or method

and it's pointing me to the 3rd line..

Do you see any work-around?

Ps: I'm using latest version of jQuery (1.6)


I've also tried with:

var oldName = jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock")[0].getAttribute('oncontextmenu');

but still the same problem for IE


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This is a problem with Internet Explorer versions before IE 8. attr() maps to getAttribute for event handlers, but older IEs had a bug which caused getAttribute to just return the DOM property value instead of the attribute string.

I can't think of a way around it, save for parsing the outerHTML string in IE, which you really don't want to do :-)

The best approach, for all browsers, is to bind to the event using jQuery in the first place:

$(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock").bind("contextmenu", contextMenuPopupUpdated);

And then swap to a different function (unbind, then bind again) when you need to:

function replaceRightClickIcefacesMethod() {
    $(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock").unbind().bind("contextmenu", function () {

As you figured out, you can use getAttributeNode() to get the string value of the node. In order to set the attribute, you have to create a function from the string before assigning it. A simple approach to this might be:

function replaceRightClickIcefacesMethod() {
    var elem = jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock"),
        oldName = elem.attr("oncontextmenu"),
        fn = String;

    if (typeof oldName == "function")
        oldName = elem[0].getAttributeNode("oncontextmenu").value,
        fn = Function;

    oldName = oldName.replace('Ice.Menu.contextMenuPopup', 'contextMenuPopupUpdated');
    elem[0].setAttribute("oncontextmenu", fn(oldName));

This passes the string to String if the original type is a string, which will have no real effect, but if the original type is a function, the resulting string is passed to Function before being set as the new value for the attribute.


I was able to get it as string instead of function (as it was in IE) like this:

var oldName = jQuery(".singlePaneOfGlassBlock")[0].getAttributeNode("oncontextmenu").value;

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