I'd like to run prestashop in docker container. I don't want to pull an already created image, I want to create my own from files provided in .zip folder downloaded from official prestashop site.


You could use their official Dockerfile as a starting point:

FROM prestashop/base:5.6-apache
LABEL maintainer="Thomas Nabord <thomas.nabord@prestashop.com>"


# Get PrestaShop
ADD https://www.prestashop.com/download/old/prestashop_1.7.6.1.zip /tmp/prestashop.zip

# Extract
RUN mkdir -p /tmp/data-ps \
    && unzip -q /tmp/prestashop.zip -d /tmp/data-ps/ \
    && bash /tmp/ps-extractor.sh /tmp/data-ps \
    && rm /tmp/prestashop.zip

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