I have the following working code, but I'm not sure if I've actually done this correctly or if I'm bastardizing ReactiveUI.

    var saveFieldCommand = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromTask<FieldObject>(ExecuteSaveField);
        .Subscribe(x => x.ForEach(
            f => f.WhenAny(y => y.IsActive, change => change.Sender)

private async Task ExecuteSaveField(FieldObject field) 
    => await  _fieldDataService.Save(field).ConfigureAwait(false);

Is there a more correct way of calling the save command whenever the IsActive property changes on a property within an ObservableCollection<T>? I'm concerned about potential memory leaks on the subscription and also concerned about the .ForEach in there.


You should create FieldObjectViewModel, then transform FieldObject to FieldObjectViewModel.

FieldObjectViewModel will handle SaveCommand when IsActive change.

  • Hey, thanks for your answer, unfortunately it doesn't really get me where i need to go. The code snippet above is a part of my ViewModel, and that model contains the list of fields. This question is more about ReactiveUI and how to turn those changes into an observable stream. – Chase Florell Nov 14 at 15:43

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