As we are not able to make widget like RichText/Text Span For styling TextFormField,

Can anyone help me out regarding this...

Now Getting:-

enter image description here

Expected Result:-

enter image description here

How we can achieve a result like this?


Simplest way, but not exactly equals:

                decoration: InputDecoration(
                  hintText: 'Ciao',
                  suffixText: '*',
                  suffixStyle: TextStyle(
                    color: Colors.red,

Or create a custom TextField to use hint as Widget instead of String

You can use my two customized files:

                hintText: Text.rich(
                    text: 'FIRST NAME',
                    children: <InlineSpan>[
                        text: '*',
                        style: TextStyle(color: Colors.red),
                    style: TextStyle(color: Colors.black54),
  • But when i use your two customized files, validator of TextFiled disappear? – Chung May 25 '20 at 6:20

Try these two files I had same requirement. Just add attribute isMandate: true in CInputDecoration and use CTextField.

  decoration: new CInputDecoration(
     isMandate: true,

https://github.com/sumit1954/Flutter/blob/master/CInputDecorator.dart https://github.com/sumit1954/Flutter/blob/master/CTextField.dart


Achieved this in hard fast way. Replace input_decorator.dart with below code:


In your InputDecoration scope add a property "isMandatoryField: true"

Worked for me on temporary basis.

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