How do I turn off the Java Language Server completely? I can't find it anywhere. I just want it off so it does not repeatedly do "importing root project configuration project".

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You can disable the Language Support for Java(TM) by Red Hat extension in VS Code.

It can either be disabled entirely, or just for your current workspace. If you never want to use it, you can uninstall the extension instead.

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There is now a new setting java.autobuild.enabled in RedHat's Java extension (since this PR). It will not stop importing projects, but once the project is imported, it will not automatically rebuild it.

To force manual rebuilding, use the Command Palette and run Java: Force Java Compilation.


You can go to settings in VS Code and search for "java autobuild". The setting for "java autobuild" is enabled by default, and you need to disable this. This will then disable building your java project automatically in VS Code when you make any change.

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