How do you define 1 to many relationship between two tables in Power BI, when multiple columns are involved.

I.E. Column A, B, and C in table 1 tied to Column E, F, and G in table 2, with a 1 to many relationship.

  • between two table you can only have one active relationship.... share some data to show what you want to achieve. – sanjeev_gautam Nov 14 at 18:27
  • Yes, only one relationship. But the primary key is broken up into three different fields. Those three fields are in both tables, the 1: table and the n: table. – Heap of Pinto Beans Nov 14 at 18:30
  • Is it an import model or DirectQuery? If DirectQuery be sure to use COMBINEVALUES sqlbi.com/articles/… – GregGalloway Nov 16 at 2:29

You can create a new column concatenating the fields like:

tied01 = CONCATENATE( CONCATENATE(your_dataset[Column A], your_dataset[Column B]), your_dataset[Column C])

And to

tied02 = CONCATENATE( CONCATENATE(your_dataset[Column E], your_dataset[Column F]), your_dataset[Column G])

Once you have these two new columns, you can merge them to only one column or create a dynamic table making the reference for the new created columns

  • that occurred to me, but is this the only way? does anybody know? it seems like this is the only way.... – Heap of Pinto Beans Nov 19 at 16:12

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