I am figuring out how to bring an excerpt into my site, using the Contentful Rich Text React Renderer.

I am struggling a little this is the first time I am using it. I have used MD in the past with contentful, but due to users i require rich test.

This is my query.

export const query = graphql`
    query($slug: String!) {
        contentfulJobListings(slug: { eq: $slug }) {
            jobPostedDate(formatString: "MMMM Do, YYYY")
            jobDescription {


and this is how i am i producing the rich text on the page <div>{documentToReactComponents(props.data.contentfulJobListings.jobDescription.json)}</div>

I would like to create an excerpt to explain a little before jumping into the post.

If anyone could help with this that would be great. As im at a loose end.

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