I have the following subset of my data, the actual dataset is much larger. I would like to select only the rows where the year month and day are equal between Quote_Time and Last_Trade_Date, regardless of the time being different. Wondering what the best way to do that would be.

                  Quote_Time           Last_Trade_Date
72  2018-06-14T13:41:28.000Z  2018-06-08T19:58:04.000Z
75  2018-06-14T13:56:23.000Z  2018-06-08T19:58:04.000Z
78  2018-06-14T14:11:15.000Z  2018-06-08T19:58:04.000Z
81  2018-06-14T14:26:09.000Z  2018-06-08T19:58:04.000Z
84  2018-06-14T14:41:14.000Z  2018-06-08T19:58:04.000Z

In this small example no rows would be returned, but in the larger dataset there are matches.

  • So the result here is no rows are selected? – cs95 Nov 14 '19 at 22:21
  • Ty df[df['Quote_Time'].dt.date==df['last_Trade_Date'].dt.date] – Suraj Motaparthy Nov 14 '19 at 22:27
  • I guess they're not datetime objects at the moment, theyre just objects. Quote_Time object, Last_Trade_Date object – nicholas.reichel Nov 14 '19 at 22:30
  • 1
    If you have already read in the data without parsing as dates, try df[pd.to_datetime(df['Quote_Time']).dt.date==pd.to_datetime(df['last_Trade_Date']).dt.date] – Suraj Motaparthy Nov 14 '19 at 22:42

As a prereq, when reading in your data, parse the date columns:

df = pd.read_csv('file.csv', ..., parse_dates=['Quote_Time', 'Last_Trade_Date'])

Now you just need to normalize the dates and compare. Assuming both columns are datetimes, you can do:

df[df['Quote_Time'].dt.normalize() == df['Last_Trade_Date'].dt.normalize()]  


df[df['Quote_Time'].dt.date == df['Last_Trade_Date'].dt.date]

Another fun solution using nunique (not as practical):

df[df.apply(lambda x: x.dt.normalize(), axis=1).nunique(axis=1) == 1]
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