I've got a function

def do_something(input_data, column: int):

    # Do something with one column of the data

Now I need to create a kedro node, but I can't do node(do_something, ["input_data", 1], "output"). How can I put the constant value (1) into the node?

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One approach would be to pass the data via params. Add column_number: 1 to the parameters.yaml file, and then your node definition would look like node(do_something ["input_data", "params:column_number"], "output").

If you need to reuse the same function in many nodes, changing the column, then it will not work easily. Instead you can use partial, something like node(partial(do_something, column=1), "input_data", "output"])

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    It's advised to use update_wrapper for more informative log messages since the partial object does not have __name__ or __doc__ attributes by default. p1 = partial(do_something, column=1); node(update_wrapper(p1, do_something))
    – RDRR
    Sep 17, 2020 at 17:02

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