I'm in the process of upgrading out AspNetZero v7.2.2 apps to v8.0.0 (which means going from AspNetCore 2.2 to v3) but I'm having one hell of a time.

Everything is done as far as I can see. I've already upgraded and verified one app, it's working just fine. This app, it looks like it's getting stuck on the request to AbpServiceProxies/GetAll. That request just never finishes. I've waited hours. The CPU is 100%. I've tried using stackify prefix to see more information but it's not showing up (other requests do for that site), and since AbpServiceProxies seems internal - I can't step into what's happening.


How can I see what's happening, or at least stop it from happening. I've tried comparing this project to the other for PackageReferences to make sure they are on par (they are).

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