I need to upgrade Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17 (AKA ssms) or perhaps just the ODBC SQL driver because when I try to open a DB from copied datafiles (mdf and ldf) that came from another machine it cannot be opened because it is version 869. And my machine apparently supports version 852 and earlier.

If I want to sideload the latest ssms 18.4, I can't upgrade because it needs to remove that version. There's a pop-up that it needs 'Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL server' (that needs a msodbcsql.msi file).

So I need the msi of that specific version, could anyone provide this for me because I can't find it anywhere online. :-(

I even ran the FixMissingMSI tool that scans your system for missing msi's: https://github.com/suyouquan/SQLSetupTools


I ran into similar problem today. Performed uninstall of ODBC 17 driver using following tool from Microsoft,


After doing this SSMS setup was successful.

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  • Nice, that actually seems to work! I can install the latest version of SSMS but it seems like ODBC version 17 still is installed (but perhaps I need to reboot). – Wimpers Jul 12 at 18:25

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