I'm building an application on Laravel, where I'm having Project and LatestStatus model, I've a table which has sorting facilities. So I can sort by name, its latest-status, last updated by etc. So the architecture of this is:

    name -> string
    state -> string
    region -> string
    status -> enum ('saved', 'draft')
    created_at -> timestamp
    updated_at -> timestamp

    project_id -> integer   // (project id foreign key)
    status -> string       //  (current status of project)

I want to sort projects by joining the latest_status table and sort according to current status of project. For this I tried something like this:

Project::where('status', 'saved')
    ->when( $request->name , function( $q) use( $request ) {
        $q->where('name', 'like', '%' . $request->name .'%');
    ->when($request->status, function ($q) use($request) {
        $q->whereHas('latestStatus', function ($q) use($request){
            $q->whereHas('status', function ($q) use($request) {
                $q->whereIn('name',  collect($request->status)->pluck('name') );
    ->when($request->sort_by_column, function ($q) use($request) {
        $q->when($request->sort_by_column['column'] == 'name' || $request->sort_by_column['column'] == 'website', function ($q) use($request) {
            $q->orderBy($request->sort_by_column['column'], $request->sort_by_column['order'] );
        ->when($request->sort_by_column['column'] == 'added_date' , function ($q) use ($request) {
            $q->orderBy('created_at', $request->sort_by_column['order']);
        ->when($request->sort_by_column['column'] == 'status', function ($q) use ($request) {
            $q->join('project_latest_status', 'projects.id', '=', 'project_latest_status.project_id')
                ->join('project_status', 'project_latest_status.status', '=', 'project_status.id')
                ->select('projects.*', 'project_status.name as status_name')
                ->orderBy('status_name', $request->sort_by_column['order']);

Everything works fine but as soon as I click on status sort it gives me an error:

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column 'status' in where clause is ambiguous (SQL: select count(*) as aggregate from projects inner join project_latest_status on projects.id = project_latest_status.project_id inner join project_status on project_latest_status.status = project_status.id where status = saved and projects.deleted_at is null)"

Help me out in this. Thanks


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change where from

where('status', 'saved')


where('projects.status', 'saved')

or where ever you use status with another join table another same field so you need to specify the table where you want to filter by status


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