Is it possible to (1) use select helpers and (2) check type of columns to apply a function?

For example this will not work - I would like to convert to factor all integer columns the names of which do not contain "VAL":

  mutate_at(vars(!contains("VAL")) & is.integer , as.factor)

Is it possible with some other syntax in dplyr?


Try this. It'll mutate all columns not containing "VAL". It'll then check if it is integer. If it is, it'll use as.factor(). If it isn't, it'll simply return the column.

  mutate_at(vars(!contains("VAL")), function(x) if (is.integer(x)) as.factor(x) else x)
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Not exactly a dplyr way to do this but you can create a logical vector which satisfies the condition needed.

inds <- (!grepl("VAL", names(dane_usa_nr))) & (sapply(dane_usa_nr, is.integer))

and then use this vector in mutate_if

dane_usa_nr %>%  mutate_if(inds, as.factor)

Or lapply

dane_usa_nr[inds] <- lapply(dane_usa_nr[inds], as.factor)

We can also get the indices and use it in mutate_at

inds <- intersect(grep("VAL", names(dane_usa_nr), invert = TRUE), 
                  which(sapply(dane_usa_nr, is.integer)))

dane_usa_nr %>% mutate_at(inds, as.factor)

The base R implementation remains the same in this case.

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