We are migrating code from tibco bw 5.x to bw6.x. I have a requirement where i have to connect to ibm mq server for consuming messages from the queue

I would like to know the steps involved to establish connectivity between MQserver and tibco bw6.5 both at design time and while deploying in tea.

I could not get the right document which details the steps for the same.

Thanks in advance

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    If you have if working in the older version, what specifically is different or not working in the newer version? – JoshMc Nov 17 at 2:35
  • Could you let us know how are you connecting to MQ from BW 5.x? Are you using JNDI bindings file? Also, for BW 6.x, I would recommend using the TIBCO BusinessWorks MQ Plugin. Please see this link for the plugin documentation - docs.tibco.com/products/…. Once you provide more information I can help provide detailed steps. – abhishek Nov 30 at 12:30

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