I'm using babel-env with vscode and yarn workspaces and when I'm loading a package (after compiling).

I don't get any suggestion for imports autocomplete..

My project structure:

| |--common
|    |--src
|    |--dist
|    |--.babelrc
| |--server
|    |--src
|    |--dist
|    |--.babelrc
| |--web(create-react-app default settings)

babelrc setting:

  "presets": ["@babel/preset-env"]

build command:

rm -rf dist && babel ./src --out-dir dist --copy-files

example of import usage:

import { validation, functions } from "@project/common";

Then when I'm typing for exmaple validation.inputs I'm not getting any suggestions..

Maybe I need to ad some babel extensions, I searched in the docs but found nothing.

Thanks for helping.

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Try adding es6 capabilities to your workspace. So in your jsconfig.json add this:

    "compilerOptions": {
        "target": "es6"
    "exclude": [

on package.json i added :

  "types": "./index.d.ts",
  "files": [

and on common root folder i added the file : "index.d.ts" which containts

export { default } from "./src/index";
export * from "./src/index";

I dont know if you need to do that this way but it solved my problem

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