I am writing a bash program that searches for .pgn (portable game notation) files in a folder. But in my program, .pgn extensions are not case sensitive. It means that they could be either lowercase or uppercase or a combination of the two. (.Pgn, .PGN, .pGn, .etc).
So for checking the extension I do this :

extension="${file: -4}"
if [ "${extension}" == ".pgn" ]

I am wondering if there is a way to do this, in a shorter way. By shorter, I mean do it all in the if statement.
Thank you in advanced for helping me.


With bash and a regex:

if [[ "$file" =~ \.[Pp][Gg][Nn]$ ]]

Use the nocasematch option with simple pattern matching. There's no need to extract the extension.

shopt -s nocasematch

if [[ $file = *.pgn ]]; then
    echo "PGN file"

You use already used the right syntax , but may be the wrong version of bash

if bash --version is 3.* the substitution extension="${extension,,}" is NOT VALID

extension="${extension,,}" is work with bash >= 4

for F in Aa.png  Ab.PnG  ; 
    extension="${F: -4}" ; 
    extension="${extension,,}" ; 
    echo $F : $extension ; 

alternative 1 : use tr to lower your extension

extension=$( echo "${extension}"| tr "[:upper:]" "[:lower:]" ) 

alternative 2 : use find with -iname

find . -iname '*.pgn'  

a example of loop

for F in $( find . -iname '*.pgn' -print );
    echo $F;

alternative 3 : use a regex to match the extension ( thanks to @Cyrus )

if [[ "$file" =~ \.[Pp][Gg][Nn]$ ]]

alternative 4 : change the behavior of bash by setting the option nocasematch ( thanks to @chepner )

shopt -s to enable shopt -u to disable

a example

file="a.PGn" ; 
shopt -s nocasematch;  
if [[ $file = *.pgn ]]; then
    echo "PGN file"; 
shopt -u nocasematch;  
if [[ $file = *.pgn ]]; then
   echo "PGN file";
  • Thank you for this in depth explanation. I appreciate it – Mohammadreza Nov 17 at 19:44

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