I have inherited a project where ReactiveUI and Telerik is included in a winform application. I am not 100% sure where the problem is.

To the problem, I want to have a childtemplate in my RadGridView. The model is built like this:

public class Order{
    public int OrderId {get; set;}
    public IEnumerable<OrderRow> OrderRows {get; set;}
//[ ... more props ... ]

public class OrderRow{
    public string Description {get; set;}
    public double Amount {get; set;}
//[ ... more props ... ]

For some reason the person that build this was using the following way of binding the datasource (in the constructor of the view-class):

dataGridView1.DataBindings.Add(propertyName: "DataSource", dataSource: OrderOverview, dataMember: "Order");

Instead of using (as the examples everywhere i google)

dataGridView1.DataSource = OrderOverview.Order;

I guess this has to do with ReactiveUI's way of updating values? Because when I try to use - as the examples prefer - nothing is displayed. I Guess this is because the values has not been set yet.

The project has hardcoded defined Columns (if this has to do with it?) I have set the property

this.radGridView1.AutoGenerateHierarchy = true;

But this does not display the underlying OrderRow's. I have also tried to set the property:

 this.dataGridView1.MasterTemplate.AutoGenerateColumns = true;

But this doesn't work. It returns an error when the data is being loaded:

Accessor for properties, changing, for the object ... received the following exception error: The type initiator for ... triggered an exception

I will be greatful for any ideas and suggestions!

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