iPhone's Mobile Safari seems to recognize most new HTML5 input types, in particular the ones detailed here, such that tapping in an input declared like so:

<input type="number" id="myInput" value=""/>

presents the iPhone's numeric keypad.

However, in the Android browser, the usual text keypad is shown when tapping the same input.

Is there a workaround for the Android browser or an alternative attribute that can be set or even a library I can include to have the android browser respect this setting?

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if you specify on the input element the type as "number" it will automatically open with the numeric keypad example

<input type="number" pattern="[0-9]*" name="amount_zip" value="loading.."></input>

the pattern attribute is for iPhone,

you can also get more info on inputs here


I just tried <input type="number"> with a Xoom (Honecomb, I think) and it does cause the numeric keypad to open, which is great, but the field only appears to allow positive integers. Hitting the '-' and '.' keys on the keypad have no effect. Adding relevant min / max attributes or setting a proper pattern don't seem to have any effect. In other words, if you want the keyboard to appear and your numeric field only needs to be zero or a positive integer, this will work. Otherwise (floats, negative numbers), you'll have to use text.

(I realize I'm not answering the question here, I would like to have left this as a comment for the previous answer, but can't figure out how)

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