I got a project written in QT programming language and this project use https://wiki.qt.io/Simple_encryption_with_SimpleCrypt for log file encryption/decryption.

Now I am moving this project to Delphi programming language and I want to use the same encryption/decryption, so users will be able to decrypt their old log files (which were generated by project written in QT).

Maybe someone knows similar encryption/decryption tool in Delphi where I would pass the key as we pass in QT, decrypted text and it would return me the same decrypted value in Delphi as it would return in QT?

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    What topics can I ask about here? says specifically that questions asking us to recommend or find tools, software libraries or other off-site resources are off-topic here. You'll find your experiences here are much better if you spend some time taking the tour and reading the help center pages to learn how the site works before you begin posting. – Ken White Nov 19 at 13:39
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    Encapsulate the functionality in a dll and call that from your delphi code. – David Heffernan Nov 19 at 14:22
  • C'mon, SimpleCrypt is... simple, you could reimplement all of it in Delphi in couple hours of work. If you struggle with it, you'll have evn more difficulties when trying to create a dll for usage from Delphi. And still it would mean huge Qt dependencies.Google some DCPcrypt or other encrypting library and use it just the way you've described. Some DES/AES implementation would be even better. – MasterAler Nov 19 at 20:26

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